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IMSS mailbox

It is the electronic communication system implemented and managed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security, through which you can notify any act, requirement or administrative resolution issued in digital documents.

How does it work?

1. Enter the IMSS mailbox, with your physical or business advanced electronic signature (e.firma).

2. Register your communication mechanisms as means of contact. At least one and up to five email addresses, as well as a mobile phone number. The IMSS will send you a notice to your registered contact means and you will have 72 hours to validate them, otherwise they will be canceled and you will have to register again.

3. Application and declaration of conformity. To complete your application, you will have to sign your declaration of conformity to the IMSS through the e.signature (advanced electronic signature) so that the IMSS Mailbox is the electronic communication mechanism between the Institute and you, which you can do in the "Activation" section. IMSS mailbox".

How does electronic notifications work?

1. Prior to the electronic notification, a notice will be sent to your means of contact.

2. From the business day after you have received the notice, you will have three (business) days to enter your IMSS Mailbox, in the “My Notifications” Menu, “Pending notification” section and open the digital document received.

3. If you do not open the digital document that was sent to you within the aforementioned period, the electronic notification will be deemed to have been made on the fourth business day, counted from the business day following the day on which the notice was sent to you.

4. The notifications made by the Institute through the IMSS Mailbox will be available in the “My notifications” section, where you can consult and print them at the time you decide.

What services are available through the IMSS Mailbox?

In this first stage:

1. You can consult and download the Proposals for Certificates for the Determination of Quotas, Contributions and Amortizations, with the following documents:

a) Capture lines (SPR-05 format) for each of the Employer Registries.

b) List of workers for each Employer Registry to be uploaded to the SUA.

c) List of worker movements for each Employer Registry for uploading to the SUA.

2. Announcements of interest for the fulfillment of obligations in matters of Social Security.

3. Calendar of events and compliance with Social Security obligations.

4. Consultation and download of regulations regarding Social Security.

5. Electronic notification of acts issued in digital documents by the Institute.

6. Authorize or unsubscribe a third party to consult your opinion on Social Security Compliance.

7. Authorize the IMSS to publish your Opinion on Compliance in matters of Social Security.

8. Request guidance or register clarifications through Electronic Promotions for the topics of: IMSS Mailbox Activation, Electronic Notification, Emissions, ICSOE, 32D Authorized Third Parties, 32D Public Opinion.

It should be clarified that the use of the Tax Mailbox is optional, however, this platform provides benefits such as speeding up and simplifying the way of communicating with the IMSS, receiving information and notices about facilities and benefits for companies, as well as administrative acts and consultation of documents.

We inform you that this information provides general information based on the current laws and regulations, and in case of an individual report, be sure to receive advice from an expert before handling it.

Reproduction, partial or full distribution without the approval of Doowoo Accounting S de RL de CV is prohibited.

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