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NOM-037-STPS-2022 project on home office published

On July 15th, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the project of the Official Mexican Standard PROY-NOM-037-STPS-2022, Teleworking-Safety and health conditions at work, that seeks to establish the risk prevention measures that must be adopted in the places where employees are under the homeoffice modality and thus can guarantee the performance of their activities.

Applicable throughout the Mexican Republic in places and work centers that have personnel under the homeoffice modality, with more than 40% of their weekly working hours under this scheme.

Among the obligations for the employer are the following:

1. Have a list of workers who will be in this modality.

2. Have a written Teleworking policy, which must be implemented and disseminated, which must establish everything necessary to regulate it.

3. Report the risks related to the activity they carry out.

4. Validation of the safety and health conditions of the workplace, including through physical inspection, prior authorization of the Teleworker, or, where appropriate, by whomever the employer determines, or through checklists, where appropriate.

5. Establish and document, where appropriate, the process of implementing Teleworking.

6. Provide all the tools, supplies and accessories to carry out teleworking, such as ergonomic chairs, internet, the possibility of printing, etc.

7. Equipment maintenance and conditions of use and safety.

8. Training at least once a year.

9. Modify the Telework modality to face-to-face work, if applicable.

10. Follow up on work accident notices that, if applicable, are reported to you.

11. Share the documentation of compliance with the STANDARD, with the STPS (to the Safety and Hygiene Commission).

12. Have care mechanisms for cases of family violence.

With the publication of the document, the STPS will receive within the following 60 calendar days the comments, suggestions for changes, additions, or deletions of provisions to the text that the general public considers. Once the term has expired, the Normalizing Authority will analyze the comments and prepare a draft response, which will be analyzed by the same working group that reviewed the Draft NOM.

Finally, and once the Consultative Committee approves the proposal to respond to the comments, the necessary procedures will be exhausted before the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement and NOM-037-STPS-2022 will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, to that its entry into force occurs within a period of not less than 180 calendar days after that date.

We inform you that this information provides general information based on the current laws and regulations, and in case of an individual report, be sure to receive advice from an expert before handling it.

Reproduction, partial or full distribution without the approval of Doowoo Accounting S de RL de CV is prohibited.

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