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SAT Reports a facility for the reduction of tax fines

Through communication 041/2022, yesterday, August 31st, the SAT published on its website, the administrative facilities for the reduction of tax fines, for pending declarations to 2022, which will be valid until August 31st December 2022.

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All taxpayers who have tax fines for non-compliance with pending returns in years prior to 2022, are informed that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) issued a facility that allows up to 100% reduction in fines. To obtain this facility, they must be up to date with their obligations to receive this benefit.

The people who can obtain this facility are:

• Those who received notifications of the requirement and of the fine, but did not receive a requirement to collect it, will access the 100 percent reduction.

• Those who received notifications of the requirement, as well as of the fine and also the requirement to collect it, will obtain the reduction of up to 90% according to the following table:

Taxpayers who have a Tax Mailbox will receive the capture line, which will be available until September 9th, 2022, after this date, if they have not made the corresponding payment, they must request an update through the SAT Portal or MarcaSAT , taking advantage of the same benefits.

To obtain the payment format for the fines, you must follow these steps:

1.-Enter the SAT portal, through the following link:

2. Select the option “Service or requests/Request/REDUCTION OF FINES VIG 74 CFF”.

3. Through MarcaSAT 55 6272 2728, dial option 9 and then 1; Once your application has been registered, you will receive the payment format through the email account you provide.

This facility will be valid until December 31st, 2022.

For more information you can consult the tutorial on the SAT YouTube channel:

We inform you that this information provides general information based on the current laws and regulations, and in case of an individual report, be sure to receive advice from an expert before handling it.

Reproduction, partial or full distribution without the approval of Doowoo Accounting S de RL de CV is prohibited.

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