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Second Meeting of Undersecretaries of the T-MEC

The Ministry of Economy released on January 26, 2023, press release No. 003, referring to the Second Meeting of Undersecretaries of the T-MEC, the same meeting in which the following was mentioned:

One of the main objectives is to continue to include cooperation during emergency situations to maintain, restore or address problems related to the flow of trade between the parties. Likewise, the work of the Competitiveness Committee to improve the skills of the regional labor force was highlighted.

In addition, concrete steps were taken to ensure the Treaty's ban on the importation of goods produced with forced labor will soon be implemented throughout North America, uniting us to eradicate the scourge of forced labor from the global trading system.

However, as our countries approach the third anniversary of the entry into force of the Agreement, the Undersecretaries recognize that our Agreement continues to play a vital role in strengthening our economies, including SMEs, as well as marginalized communities and underrepresented. Finally, the Undersecretaries indicated that they will follow up with their respective teams in order to provide additional guidance and report progress to the ministers before this year's Free Trade Commission meeting.

We inform you that this information provides general information based on the current laws and regulations, and in case of an individual report, be sure to receive advice from an expert before handling it.

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